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About Us

Beauty Salons in UAE is an autonomous and unique web portal with tiding sand trends from the arena of beauty and care. The web portal covers information about beauty salons in abu dhabi, dubai, sharjah, among others, news on beauty tips, latest beauty reviews, beauty tips, business promotions, general idea of brands, sources and retailing of beauty products. Moreover, the portal considered the top of the line directory of Beauty Salons in UAE. Find beauty salon, nail salon, day spa, guiding it through Location Map, Beauty offers and book your appointment Online.

People have been incredibly conscious of their look from the origination of the evolution. Looking beautiful and pleasing is very important for many. In olden days people managed to use various stuffs to titivate themselves. Currently the tools have transformed but the desire to look beautiful is still unchanged. Since then the beauty business has come a long way. The beauty parlours use safer cosmetic products and give many more treatments for the entire body. By the 1950s, women started to pop in beauty parlours frequently to shampoo and set their hairstyle. Later men get on a move to the Beauty Parlour and experience a retreat of peace and tranquillity where they can unwind and rejuvenate.

Beauty salons are very imperative for fashioning a person’s  look sophisticated and stylish. It is dream of every human to look beautiful and attractive on every occasion she or he appears. A beauty parlour or salon is an industry that skills with the beauty treatment for menfolk and women.
When you are out looking for good beauty salons, you experience quite stumped over the choices available. There are many different things to do when it comes to beauty salons and beauty treatments. The beauty salons/parlours are providing numerous beauty related services to the clients. That is why we have put together numerous lists of recommended beauty salons, which you can visit when you are in the mood for a makeover. Now the countdown is set in motion!

Bloggers are taking an opportunity to promote their blogs through this well-informed Portal. People and companies can become a part of the Portal through publicizing their products and events. This beauty blog updated and informed with the latest happenings in the world of skin care, body and hair care. It will introduce the wide range of topics from celebrities and fashion to latest beauty treatments.
Royal Graphics, UAE power the web portal design, development and technical assistance, a Media Partner ( of Beauty Salons in UAE.  You can contact us through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for queries, cooperation and other business purposes.

Mission is a place where essential beauty related information is stored and shared with the people that create and communicate the activities of the beauty parlours in Middle East to its peers, members and to consumers.
Its mission is to enrich and establish competences that help Beauty salon owners, Cosmetologist, Dieticians, and beauty product manufacturers reach their goals and manage their time more efficiently.
In achieving its core mission, will also provide a completely new way for consumers to appreciate anything and everything beauty related while providing exciting new possibilities for online and freestanding retailers.
We aspire to be Middle East’s Number 1 Beauty, Style, Fashion, Lifestyle and Cosmeceutical website.

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If you are utilizing any service on the through which you deliver us with your information such as email address and business related stuffs, it remains  confidential, we do not share out or promote it to third parties.

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