Exercise to Reduce Facial Fat

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facial exerciseSexiest pout:
This workout targets Modiolus muscle around your lips.
Pucker your lips into your sexiest pout.Blow kisses by lightly pushing your lips with the tips of your index and middle fingers,and then expanding your palm directly in front of your neck.Concentrate and seem the burn in the muscles round your lips.you have to contain this place as long as you comfortably can.

The Cheek Fat-Flattener workout works on Orbicularis Oris muscle,Zygomatic Arch sinew above your cheek bone and Modiolus muscle on either edge of your mouth.This workout is very effective in sculpting away your chubby cheeks, stretching and elongating your facial muscles.

1.Close your mouth and assault air under your top lip.Hold for 10 seconds.
2.Move the air to your left cheek.Hold for 10 seconds.
3.Move the air to your right cheek,hold for 10 seconds.
replicate this whole usual 10 times.

Things to consider:
1.Avoid salt in your diet.
2.Drinking lots of water.
3.Avoid consuming water right before going to bed


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